Meet The Board of Directors

For January 1st – August 31st, 2019:


Joshua Brown
(term expires Dec 2019)

Committees: Development, Outreach, Nominating

Vice President

Becky Meredith
(term expires Dec 2020)

Committees: Volunteer Chair, Education, Production


Tony Farrell
(term expires Dec 2020)

Committees: Development Chair, Building and Maintenance, Nominating


John Nau
(term expires Dec 2020)

Committees: Outreach Chair, Building and Maintenance, Marketing
Thatcher Williams (term expires Dec 2016)
Thatcher Williams
(term expires Dec 2019*)

Committees: Marketing Chair, Production, Nominating
Steph Shepard (term expires Dec 2019)
Steph Shepard
(term expires Dec 2019*)

Naima Nicholson
(term expires Dec 2020)

Committees: Production Chair, Education, Volunteer

Melissa Grooters
(term expires Dec 2021*)

Committees: Nominating Chair, Production, Volunteer

Carrie Forristall (term expires Dec 2019)

Carrie Forristall
(term expires Dec 2019)

Committees: Education Chair, Development, Production

Craig Aldrich
(term expires Dec 2019)

Committees: Building and Maintenance Chair, Development, Production

Rusk Dorsett
(term expires Dec 2021)

Committees: Education, Marketing, Production

Bert Keeler
(term expires Dec 2021)

Committees: Building and Maintenance, Production, Volunteer

* term limited