Class Act Productions (CAP Theatre) Scholarship Fund

We are pleased to announce the Class Act Productions (CAP Theatre) Scholarship Fund to award college scholarships to students who are alumni of CAP Theatre and to promote study in the theatre arts. Applicants must be Seniors in high school who intend to enroll full-time in an accredited college or training program with preference being given to theatre arts or music majors. Applicants must have experience in CAP Theatre. Finalists may be contacted for an interview as part of the selection process. To apply, complete the Scholarship Application form online here.  If you have any technical difficulties with the form, email us at  Applications due March 1, 2021.

Donations are being sought from the CAP Theatre family and community to support this endeavor.  Donations will be separated from CAP operating funds and dedicated to the scholarships. Please donate via PayPal from our website and identify the donation as supporting the CAP Scholarship Fund.  Donations may also be mailed to CAP Theatre or brought to the Theatre during performances.


CAP Scholarship Awards 2020

Class Act Productions and CAP Theatre are pleased to announce the scholarship winners for the 2019-2020 season.  The Class Act Productions (CAP Theatre) Scholarship Fund was founded in 2019 to award college scholarships to students who are alumni of CAP Theatre productions and to promote study in the theatre arts. Six seniors in area high schools who intend to enroll full-time in an accredited college or training program applied.  The applicants were asked to provide their history of participation with CAP theatre, other community arts and theatre involvement, volunteer activities and a short essay.  The applicants were reviewed by a CAP Board scholarship committee and a community leader on these criteria.   The Committee recommended to the Board that two applicants receive a scholarship before their 2020 graduation.  These applicants represent the best of CAP alumni in their CAP involvement, community activities, intention to study the arts and other factors. The scholarship supports the Class Act Productions mission of being a children’s community theatre that strives to give young people, regardless of experience, the opportunity to be part of and appreciate live theatre.

Through an ongoing donation campaign and commitment from the Board, the CAP Board awards scholarship to Madison Pulica and Madison Bechtold with awards of $250 each.  Awards will be sent to the winners shortly.  We thank all that applied and wish them well in their education and careers. The winners included these reflections upon their experience at CAP Theatre:

“CAP has had such a positive I imprint on my life. It was an outline for me becoming a young adult. The things we were taught for theatre and for life were great guide lines. I remember being instructed with nothing but kindness and patience.”

“ I remember being so shy, then being pushed through theatre and kindness to be myself and know my ideas were appreciated. I hope someday I can help someone out of their shell like that as well!    

“Though I truly learned something from every instructor and volunteer at CAP I want to express how inspired I was especially by Joe and Jolene Gentzler. They always challenged all of us kids through Shakespeare in the park. They really are the basis of who I believe true leaders are, they teach through experience and kindness and always pushed and challenged us to be our best! If I can inspire kids through theatre one day that is how I would like to.”

“CAP played a very vital role in my life. CAP sparked my interest in the arts. I would not be majoring in music education if I had not been involved in CAP theatre. I want to give joy to children through the arts just like CAP theatre did for me.”

“I always loved doing the productions because of the amazing people who work at CAP theatre and volunteer there. If I did not do CAP I would not be as happy, have as many close friends, and I wouldn’t have so many role models. I will always have a deep love for CAP theatre. In addition to teaching music, I want to volunteer at a place like CAP when I am older. I am so grateful for the life lessons, friends, Social skills, and many other things that CAP taught me.”

We are truly grateful that they shared their experiences and honored they feel this connection to CAP Theatre. The selection process was difficult due to the highly qualified applicants; we were very impressed with their theater, music and art history, along with a extensive list of volunteer positions.  The final decision was based upon weighing these factors, with preference being given to theatre arts or music majors that were heavily involved with the mission of Class Act Productions.

Class Act Productions thanks all that donated and applied to the Scholarship Fund and is looking forward to another application year for Seniors in 2021.  For more information or to apply, please visit the CAP Theatre website.