Summer CAmP 2018

CAPture Your Imagination - Summer CAmP 2018Youth and young adults entering grades K-12 are invited to join us during our four weeks of Summer CAmP in 2018! Take center stage and find your light with Class Act Productions. Oh, the places you will go exploring games, dance, activities, projects and design that are specially programmed just for you!

Registration is closed for this summer. We hope to see you next summer!

Week of June 25-29

Play in a Week Camp

Ever wonder what it takes to put a play on its feet? In one week, we will take a play from script to stage. Campers will help organize and create sets and props, stage and rehearse a one-act play that we will perform as a showcase at the end of the week. The afternoon campers from the Tech Titans Camp will be working all week to add lights, sound, stage and large props to make our final performance one you won’t soon forget! Come experience the magic of theatre as we put on a Play in a Week!

Grades: Entering 4th – 7th in the fall

Monday – Friday – 9am – 12pm

Instructor: Sarah Beth Weinberg

Tech Titans Camp

[THIS CAMP IS FULL] The superheroes of theatre aren’t only on the stage – there is a mighty team of technical wunderkind behind the scenes. Combining the forces of mind and body – Tech Titans design and build the set, properties, lighting and sound of all shows earning applause. Join forces for hands-on instruction: stage make-up – including aging and scars/wounds; scenic painting; light and sound design in state-of-the-art theatre software. While learning the craft, Tech Titans will also build a few set pieces and props for the morning Play in a Week Camp. On Friday – it is a whole day of activity as we call the Titans to assemble as the technical crew for the culminating performance for the families of both camps to enjoy. (Note: power tools and ladders may be used during instruction. Please have CAmPers wear long pants and short sleeves with close-toed shoes.)

Grades: Entering 6th – 12th in the fall

Monday through Thursday 1pm – 4pm

Friday is 9am – 4pm (please bring a sack lunch)

Week of July 2-6

Choreography Camp

Come with us as we dance our way through the 2018-2019 line-up.  We will be taking one song from each of our future productions and learn some choreography for each song.  Our week will conclude with a short performance of our songs.

Grades: Entering K – 8th in the fall

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday –  9am-12pm

Instructor: Josalynn Agnew

New York, New York! Musical Camp

Join us on a trip to bright lights & big city. Dance, sing & act your way to the Big Apple while you learn material from classic and current Broadway shows. Students will learn about choreography and voice production. As we prepare for our big performance we will learn the history of the Broadways shows we will be using. Our week will end with a showcase for family and friends. Get ready for your Broadway debut!

Grades: Entering 1st – 6th in the fall

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday –  1pm – 4pm

Instructor: Cora Jane Sly

Week of July 9-13

Story Telling Comes to Life Camp

We will explore classic trickster stories from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Ashanti and Norse backgrounds. Students will learn a story from these traditions, create simple props appropriate to the story, write a script, and bring the story to life using their imaginations!

Grades: Entering 1st – 6th in the fall

Monday through Friday – 9am – 12pm

Instructor: Carrie Forristall

Summer Shorts Camp

This camp is designed for kids who enjoy writing and creating and have active imaginations bursting to get put to good use!  Early in the week, we’ll begin by watching some examples of short films. They will learn about writing short movies, screenwriting basics included. Students will have time to write out their own screenplay, then work with others in the class to create a set and gather or create props and costumes. They will finish by using a movie editing app to record and edit their short.  If students are able they are encourages, but not required, to bring their own mobile device for recording.

Grades: Entering 3rd – 8th in the fall

Monday through Friday – 1pm – 4pm

Instructor: Carrie Forristall

Week of July 16-20

Let’s Vent Camp

Can you talk in a silly and unique voice? Can you fool others into thinking that your voice is coming from somewhere else? In this class you won’t just learn how to change and throw your voice; you’ll learn the history of where this art came from, watch professionals, create your very own friend, practice script writing, and learn how to make your friend come alive onstage!

Grades: Entering 4th – 7th in the fall

Monday through Friday – 9am – 12pm

Instructor: Chris Ortiz

“Wonder”’ing about Points of View Camp

Grounded in the structure and ideas in the popular children’s book Wonder, we will look at how telling one story from multiple points of view can really change what we imagine to be true. Twisted tales will have kids “wonder”ing about what version of a story is the truth, and whether it may just be in the eye of the beholder!

Grades: Entering 1st – 6th in the fall

Monday through Friday  – 1pm – 4pm

Instructor: Carrie Forristall

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