From Audition to Performance: What to Expect

At Class Act Productions, we strive to educate children about the scope and importance of an entire theatrical production.

Preparing for the Audition

  • For the majority of our musicals, we cast actors who are ages 7 to 17 from the audition process through to the final performance.
  • Fill out an Audition Form (either online when available for download or at the audition) and on the Production Schedule please indicate days/times the actor auditioning is not available. Tech Week (final week of rehearsal) and performances are mandatory.
  • To help prepare your child for the audition, we recommend working with your child to choose a song that they can sing for 30-45 seconds. The song choice is best when it shows your child’s range (how high and low they can sing). We recommend not choosing  a song from the show for which your child is auditioning.
  • We also encourage parents to work with their children on reading out loud. If your child is not yet confident when reading out loud, we can assist during the auditions.
  • Lay out your audition outfit the night before the big day. A good first impression is quite important. Please dress appropriately – stay away from being gimmicky. The actor will have their photo taken at auditions for use in the show’s playbill, if they are cast in the show.
    • Please do not wear a hat or a large hair accessory
    • Please consider a solid color top with no writing – stay away from white and black
  • Get a good night of sleep.

The Day of the Audition

  • Eat a delicious, but light, meal before joining us for the audition.
  • Plan to arrive about 10-20 minutes prior to the posted audition schedule to give yourself time for traffic or parking problems.
  • Hand our volunteers your completed Audition Form and Production Schedule for them to confirm everything is filled out and to address any further questions about your form and conflicts.
  • After everything is confirmed, we’ll snap your photo – look directly at the camera with your face front and nice smile.
  • If you bring an accompaniment CD, please have it in hand and ready. Singers can sing a cappella (without music), with CD accompaniment, or along with their smartphone/tablet. We also have an electric keyboard if an actor wishes to sing and play their song, or they bring someone to play their music while they sing. The importance is for the actor to feel comfortable with whatever piece they choose to sing. We do not provide an accompanist at auditions.
  • Please be seated and wait for further instructions from the director. Break a Leg!
The Audition Process
    • Parents & guardians: To minimize distractions, please leave the building when auditions begin and return for your actor at the end of the audition process. Thanks for your cooperation!
    • Each actor will sing their prepared selection. This can be any song of their choosing whether a radio song, musical selection, classic children’s song like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” or even a commercial jingle – 30-45 seconds. It does not need to be memorized.
    • We ask the actors to learn a short dance step (generally 8-16 bars) that we teach that morning. It is not overly difficult and does not require any dance or movement training, but it gives the director a good idea of how well the actors move onstage.
    • Time permitting and if the director desires – the director will have the actors read short selections from the script as different characters in order to get a sense of how certain voices fit certain characters.
    • Call backs: the Director will instruct when and what time they will be held (if they are necessary), as well as how actors will be notified if needed for call backs.

Casting the Show

  • No roles are pre-cast, all actors must participate in an audition with the director(s).
  • Each show will have around two dozen actors cast. While each director is given some artistic license, CAP Theatre strives to have a good mix of experienced and new actors in each production.
  • At auditions, we ask all families to let us know what conflicts they have for all rehearsals and performances. We use this during our casting process to know whether a young actor can fully participate in the production. Conflicts do not necessarily mean that a young actor will not be cast, but please understand that our rehearsal process is never as long as we want it to be, so we need our young actors to be available for as many rehearsals as possible.
  • The cast list will be posted on our facebook page ( and on the show page of our website ( when the decision is made.
  • An activity fee of $60 is required for each actor cast in a mainstage musical.
  • All actors must supply their own short sleeve undershirt (usually white or black) to wear under costumes as well as basic black flats for shoes (simple slip-on shoes with a soft sole and no adornments). Actors may be asked to provide some basic costume pieces (socks, top, or tights, for example).
  • Families are required to volunteer a minimum of 2 rehearsals (or set/costume/prop work calls) and 2 performances per child cast in the show. This could amount to more time if families have multiple children in the show
  • Parents/Guardians are asked to donate sodas and cookies, which will be served at intermission during show performances. You will receive a donation confirmation upon request for sodas and cookies which you can use for tax purposes.


Our rehearsal and performance schedules serve to show children how to take the dialogue in the script and bring it to life on the stage.
  • A mandatory Parent Meeting will be the first meeting – no actors, just parents – for paperwork, etc.
  • Our rehearsals are generally for up to two months leading into the performances with rehearsal times normally:
    • Tuesday 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Thursday 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm
    • Rehearsals may also be scheduled on additional weekday evenings or Sunday afternoons/evenings, if additional work is needed or due to Holiday scheduling.
  • In case of weather-related rehearsal cancellations, make-up rehearsals may be scheduled for the entire cast on originally non-scheduled days.
  • While not all actors are called to every rehearsal in the beginning, as we get closer to the performances, all actors will be expected to attend the remaining rehearsals.
  • Every attempt will be made to work around agreed-upon conflicts, but unscheduled conflicts won’t be accepted and may result in re-casting a part. Conflicts may affect casting decisions; if an actor has too many conflicts, they may not be cast in the show, regardless of skill level.
  • Each actor is given a rehearsal selection of songs and a script for use throughout the rehearsal process. The actors are able to keep their scripts unless the director instructs otherwise at the first rehearsal. Actors should mark notes lightly in pencil and highlight their lines to make memorization and practice at home easier.
  • Although we rehearse the show in the theatre, actors are to memorize their lines and movement at home – practicing on their own. Directors do give notes and assist actors on an individual basis, however the vast majority of rehearsal time at CAP is for the Directors to bring the entire ensemble together to create the show.
  • Tech Week is mandatory and rehearsal is each and every day starting on Sunday afternoon prior to opening night and runs from at least 6 pm to no earlier than 9 pm on the weeknights.
  • CAP Theatre is a volunteer-run organization and we are unable to be at the theatre for extended periods of time. The cast/crew door opens no earlier than 15 minutes prior to rehearsal, please have your actor on time and ready to rehearse. All parents/guardians are to come inside to sign in their actors for rehearsal. At the end of an actor’s rehearsal time, parents/guardians are expected to come inside the theatre to pick them up. If for unforeseen circumstance you are running late, please call the theatre to let us know your expected arrival time.


  • Time for the Big Show! Actors from all levels of experience get nervous just before the show, it’s natural. Just go out there and perform the show as you rehearsed under the excellent tutelage of your Directors.
  • After the opening night performance, the cast and crew usually head out to grab a bite together at a local restaurant to celebrate (each person pays for their own meal).
  • Fall and Winter productions, CAP Theatre has 9 performances over 3 weekends which are open to the public.
  • Summer productions, CAP Theatre has 6 performances over 2 weekends which are open to the public. Additionally, the summer production has 3-5 weekdays of daycare productions with 2 shows each day (10am and 1pm). CAP Theatre provides lunch between shows for the actors on the days with daycare performances.
  • All performances are mandatory and the performance schedule is normally:
    • Friday 7:00pm (Actors are called to the theatre at 6:00pm)
    • Saturday 2:00pm (Actors are called to the theatre at 1:00pm)
    • Sunday 2:00pm (Actors are called to the theatre at 1:00pm)
    • The cast/crew door opens no earlier than 15 minutes prior to call time to drop off actors and parents/guardians come inside the theatre after the performance to pick up them up. If you are unexpectedly running late. please call the theatre to let us know your expected arrival time.
  • After the final performance, all actors are required to stay and assist with Strike (putting props and costumes away, cleaning up the dressing rooms, and so forth). Parents are also requested to help with any striking of set pieces.

We hope this helps answer any questions you have about our expectations and what you should expect if your child is interested in auditioning with us. We look forward to seeing you in our theatre. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Last updated (November 3, 2023)