Summer CAmP 2024

Youth and young adults entering grades 1-12 are invited to join us during our three weeks of Summer CAmP in 2024! Take center stage and find your light with Class Act Productions. Oh, the places you will go exploring games, dance, activities, projects and design that are specially programmed just for you!

Week of July 8-12th

Circus Camp
Want to learn amazing new skills that will impress your friends and family? Come and learn circus arts at circus camp! Improve your strength and coordination while learning juggling, hula hooping, balancing, aerial arts and floor acrobatics. You can even roll around in a human-sized hamster ball! Be sure to wear tight fitting athletic clothes and shoes. No experience is necessary, simply a curiosity for all things CIRCUS. Sign up today for an experience you won’t find anywhere else!
Grades: Up to 20 students, Entering 1st -6th in the fall
Schedule: Monday through Friday – 9am to Noon
Instructor: Ken Logan
Cost: $180.00/child
Register for Circus CAmP here.

Summer Shorts
Spend a week making a short film at CAP! Learn the basics of filmmaking from an award-winning, Central Iowa filmmaker and public television producer, Patrick Boberg. Filmmakers will learn the foundations of filmmaking and then jump right in and make a film. Class will cover storytelling structure, writing and planning, filmmaking equipment, editing, and more. By the end of the week, all films will be screened at a CAP film showcase! Campers would benefit from having their own electronic device, such as a phone or tablet.
Grades: Up to 20 students, Entering 3rd-8th in the fall
Schedule: Monday through Friday – 1-4pm
Instructor: Patrick Boberg
Cost: $180.00/child
Register for Summer Shorts CAmP here.

Week of July 15-19th

Musical Theatre Young Artist Intensive: When You Wish Upon a Star
This Disney-inspired Musical Theatre themed intensive camp is coming to CAP this July 2024! Our camp is geared towards younger actors who want to get a head start in the musical theatre world! We will be focusing on singing, dancing, and acting techniques while creating an original musical featuring Disney inspired characters and songs!
Grades: Up to 20 students, Entering 2nd– 7th in the fall
Schedule: Monday through Friday – 9am to Noon
Instructors: McKenna Olsen and Madison Pulica
Cost: $180.00/child
Register for Musical Theatre Young Artist Intensive CAmP here.

Musical Theater: Welcome to Broadway
This Broadway intensive camp will involve a deeper dive into acting, vocal and dancing techniques! The cast(students) will spend a week rehearsing a short play featuring popular Broadway musical numbers. On the last day of camp your kids will showcase a variety of dance styles as well as solo and ensemble singing.
Grades: Up to 20 students, Entering 6th – 12th in the fall
Schedule: Monday through Friday – 1 to 4pm
Instructors: McKenna Olsen and Madison Pulica
Cost: $180.00/child
Register for Musical Theatre Welcome to Broadway CAmP here.

Week of July 22-26th

The Actor’s Toolbox
Spend a week sharpening your actor’s internal and external tools: body, voice, aAction, – emotion, intention, point of view and more. Learn how to leverage these tools to create a character and tell a story. “CAP” off the week by presenting a scene to show what you have learned. Scripts are performed in a four-year rotation. Students are encouraged to enroll even if they have previously attended The Actor’s Toolbox more than once, to allow for further development of their acting skills, and benefit from small group and individual instruction within the workshop.
Grades: Up to 20 students, Entering 4th – 9th in the fall
Schedule: Monday through Friday – 9am to Noon
Instructor: Julie Rodish-Reed
Cost: $180.00/child
Register for The Actor’s Toolbox CAmP here.

Director’s Toolbox / Actor’s Toolbox 2:

Learn the basics of directing – script, character, and plot analysis, and the tools to support your actors in telling the story. Class size is limited to five directors to allow for individual attention. Please note that directors may also have the opportunity to act, depending on class size. Further hone your acting skills while working with peer directors to perform scenes at the end of week performance.

Grades: Up to 5 director students and 15 actor students, ages 14-18. Younger students may be considered, with two years of Actor’s Toolbox or equivalent experience. Please reach out for additional information if interested.
Schedule: Monday through Thursday – 6pm to 9pm, plus performance combined with Actors Toolbox on Friday Morning. 
Instructor: Julie Rodish-Reed
Cost: $180.00/child

Register for The Directors Toolbox/ Actor’s Toolbox 2 CAmP here (for Actors) and here (for Directors)

Tech Titans CAmP
The superheroes of theatre aren’t only on the stage – there is a mighty team of technical wunderkind behind the scenes. Combining the forces of mind and body – Tech Titans design and build the set, properties, lighting and sound of all shows earning applause. Join forces for hands-on instruction: stage make-up – including aging and scars/wounds; scenic painting; light and sound design in state-of-the-art theatre software. While learning the craft, Tech Titans will also build a few set pieces and props for the morning The Actor’s Toolbox play-in-a-week Camp. On Friday, it is a whole day of activity as we call the Titans to assemble as the technical crew for the culminating performance for the families of both camps to enjoy. (Note: power tools and ladders may be used during instruction. Please have CAmPers wear long pants and short sleeves with close-toed shoes. Clothes should be paint friendly as well.)
Grades: Up to 10 students, Entering 6th – 12th in the fall
Schedule: Monday through Thursday 1-4pm, Friday 9am-4pm (please bring a sack lunch)
Instructor: Joe Gentzler
Cost: $180/child
Register for Tech Titans CAmP is here.

Important Notes about CAP Theatre’s Summer CAmPs
-Lunch is not provided in the class fees. Students will need to provide a daily lunch and snack from home if they are participating in both a morning and afternoon camp the same week.
-Limit one free t-shirt per child.
-If you do not want your child photographed in news stories and CAP promotions, please notify us in writing.
-Any requests for changes or refunds must be made no later than one week prior to the camp. All refunds are subject to service fee’s.
-We reserve the right to cancel any camp if lacking the appropriate participation/signups. If CAP Theatre cancels your camp you will be offered the choice of another camp this summer or a full refund.
-Two CAmP adults will be present with the students at all times.
-CAP Theatre event is not affiliated with any public school district.

For all questions regarding Summer Camps please email