CAP Summer Classic 2020

Classic Monologue Challenge 2020

Auditions have closed, but check back for information on accessing the monologues. Thank you for your support of CAP Theatre!

Congratulations to the cast for the CAP Classic Monologue Challenge! We have 12 talented youth performers who are all set to brave classical theatre across the ages. This summer, these youth performers will explore Greek, Roman, English Renaissance, and French Neoclassical theatre. Over 4-8 weeks, each performer will rehearse and record two classical monologues and the performances will debut on CAP’s social media accounts. The classics are alive and virtual at CAP Theatre in the summer of 2020!

Name Monologue #1 Monologue #2
Margo Keller Iphigenia, Iphigenia in Aulis (Greek) Philocleon, The Wasps (Greek)
Kylie Jorgensen Macbeth Act V, Scene V, Macbeth (English Renaissance) Quince Act V, Scene I, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (English Renaissance)
Hannah Siefken Sganarelle, The Doctor in Spite of Himself (French Neoclassical) Lady Macbeth Act V, Scene I, Macbeth (English Renaissance)
Ian McGovern Alcesimarchus, The Casket Comedy (Roman) Cassius Act I, Scene II, Julius Caesar (English Renaissance)
William Brown Friar Act III, Scene III, Romeo and Juliet (English Renaissance) Macbeth Act II, Scene I, Macbeth (English Renaissance)
Abby Aldrich Celimene, The Misanthrope (French Neoclassical) Octavia, Octavia (Roman)
Eryn Lenhart Ismene, Antigone (Greek) Praxagora, The Ecclesiazusae (Greek)
Megan Witzenburg Ariel Act III, Scene II, The Tempest (English Renaissance) Hecuba, Hecuba (Greek)
Austin Summers Hamlet Act IV, Scene IV, Hamlet (English Renaissance) Admetus, Alcestis (Greek)
Madison Pulica Andromache, The Trojan Women (Greek) Halisca, The Casket Comedy (Roman)
August Nau Creon, Antigone (Greek) Zeus, Dialogues of the Gods (Greek)
Alison Keeler Puck Act V, Scene I, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (English Renaissance) Antigone, Antigone (Greek)

Director: Jolene Gentzler

Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Joseph Gentzler